The Pregnancy Diet Plan

Your pregnancy with a personalised diet and nutrition plan suited to you and your baby’s specific needs.

From the moment you find out your pregnant everything you do is about that unborn child. Life as you know it has completely changed and it’s no longer about you. You will do anything for your child to make sure it has the best start in life.

As a mum I know just how amazing and exhausting creating a little life can be, not to mention the toll it can take on us physically and emotionally. I’m here to focus not only on your baby but you as a new mum and help you have the absolute best pregnancy possible. Leaving you healthy and empowered with the knowledge that you’re doing the best for yourself and your baby.

I’ll guide you through your pregnancy giving you a personalised diet plan with the most suitable and nutritious foods. The plan is designed to optimise your health, ensuring your body has everything required to keep mum and baby healthy during pregnancy and beyond.

I’ll work with you to design your own personalised nutritional programme and ensure you have the right information at hand to eat great tasting healthy meals that provide you with all the essential nutrients you need.

I offer a free 30 minute consultation so you can get to know me and ask any questions you have. It’ll also let me find out exactly what you’re looking for, so I can best tailor the service to your individual needs.

  • Promote baby’s growth and development
  • Boost energy levels for mum during and after pregnancy
  • Replenish essential nutrients
  • Support recovery after birth
  • Support breast milk production
  • Protect your body during pregnancy
  • Improved emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Combat post natal depression
  • Provide information on meal preperation
  • Assisted shopping service
  • Email support available

Pregnancy Nutrition Plans & Prices

Make that appointment!

Booking with me is the first step to a healthier lifestyle. I’m here to make your journey as easy as possible so why not book an appointment today!

I do consultations from the beautiful Strive in Kirkcaldy. I also offer the same consultations over the phone or video call.

If you’d like to talk about how I can help you or if you need more information call me on 07900 810 663.

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