Help with Digestive Problems

Specialised nutritional therapy for digestive issues to help you back to optimal health.

Having an understanding about how your gut works and tuning in to the messages it gives you can be more beneficial than you may think.

When something goes wrong during the process of digestion, it affects not just your gut but can have a wide range of effects on the rest of the body. Poor digestion is indirectly responsible for conditions ranging from immune dysfunction, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue to arthritis, psoriasis, depression and anxiety. Therefore, improving digestion is a critical component in restoring health and preventing disease.

We are all Individuals with varying and complex health needs and diverse personal situations. One-off appointments rarely tackle the root of the problem or offer lasting results. My programmes are personalised to your specific needs, taking into account work and home life as well as food preferences and budget.

When we meet I will make an in-depth assessment of your health and lifestyle taking into account current and past medical history. We’ll then continue to meet or speak on a regular basis over a number of weeks. I will support you through any changes so that your diet evolves positively over time. Simply choose how much support you are looking for from the programmes below.

Each programme includes:

  • An individually tailored health promoting diet plan
  • A comprehensive review of your health to boost your wellbeing 
  • Supplement recommendations to support your journey
  • Suggestions of diagnostic testing if required
  • Helpful handouts, eBooks and recipe ideas putting you in control of your health.

Nutrition Coaching Packages & Prices

Make that appointment!

Booking with me is the first step to a healthier lifestyle. I’m here to make your journey as easy as possible so why not book an appointment today!

I do consultations from the beautiful Strive in Kirkcaldy. I also offer the same consultations over the phone or video call.

If you’d like to talk about how I can help you or if you need more information call me on 07900 810 663.

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