Family Nutrition Plan

Feel confident and empowered in the kitchen creating healthy family meals.

It’s not easy feeding our family every day and keeping it interesting, tasty and fun.

Especially when fussy eaters and food intolerances are sent to challenge us further. It’s hard work thinking of new ideas and a constant worry about how we get the kids to eat their veggies.

This service is designed to work around your current meal planning, food choices and any challenges you face. By looking at the foods you currently offer during meal times, I’ll be able to suggest simple alternatives that will increase the nutritional value of meals without compromising on flavour.

I’ll suggest short cuts and tips on how you can cook healthier meals without the added stress and time. With these tips, you can get the kids eating better and even get them eating the same meal as you!

Us parents need to stick to together. We can’t be perfect all the time and that’s ok. But a little support and guidance can bring excitement to a forever challenging task.

As an experienced and qualified nutritional therapist, I want to help families eat well together, to make mealtime fun and engage children in healthy eating on a daily basis.

This programme includes:

  • Family meal plan
  • Healthy Alternatives
  • Intolerances will be considered
  • Shopping List
  • Helpful handouts and recipe ideas.

Healthy Family Meals Plan & Prices

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